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Welcome to the page where you will find fun Contest information listed for you the consumer to join in some of the fun  

Survey and Contest # 01-contest closed Winner announced Friday July, 2017

You can still e-mail me now for your form and have some fun. Thank You so much for joining in with other fellow music lovers giving the Rockin’ Rhymer your opinions! And when the book is done, all names will go into a drawing and three winners will receive some fabulous prizes! Prizes will be announced in the future.

Facebook contest #2Guess the Mystery Musician- each Monday morning at 9:00 AM , I will be giving out the first clue to one of the 50 Musicians that will be in my New book that I am currently working on. Whoever guesses the correct musician wil win not only a prize immediately but will be included in the Grand prize drawing that will be done at the end when all 50 are completed.    Each person can win up to 3 times.  Keep an eye out for updates on our Facebook page and be sure to like us as well.   

This consist of 50 small Trivia Mystery musicians contest, which involves the 50 musicians that I will be doing poetry on for my new book.  At the end ,there will be a Grand Prize drawing of one person from the winners of the small contest.  You are limited to only winning 3 different times  on the Trivia Mystery musician contest.  

This contest is only on The Rockin Rhymer Facebook page.  So like our page and join in on the fun.  The first clues go out every Monday..  Each clue gives you a little more of a hint to who it is.  One clue per day till it is guessed.  You must post your answers in the comment box.  First person who post the correct answer wins and then the next new Musician will be on the following Monday. Hope to see you there.!

UPDATE:  We have already done 18 of the 50.  get in on the fun!