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This page you will find a schedule of events that the Rockin Rhymer will be at.  Should you be interested in having me do a book signing or speaking about the book at your place of business please feel free to contact my PR agent : or at Facebook/910pr.  You can also send me an email with your information and I will be happy to have her contact you. This page will be updated as events become available. 

Events                                                                                 Where                                                                 Dates/Times

NJ Fest for Beatles Fans                                            Bewardk, NJ                                                        3/26/20-3/29/20

Hippie Fest                                                                    Kalamazoo, Mi                                                           5/30/20

Chicago Fest for Beatles Fans                                    Chicago, ILL.                                                        8/7/20 - 8/9/20

Hippie Fest-ionia                                                        Ionia , MI.                                                               8/15/20